Destroy Windows 10 Spying 1.4.3 [update] [guide]

The program disables the problem, Kay logger in Windows 10. In addition, it adds all the services of reception reports M $ to hosts file + disables advertising in Skype. It removes the (optional) application 10 rubles, which many interfere.



Command-line arguments:

/ Language = rus – the launch of the program with the Russian language interface
/ Win = destroyspy – to disconnect spyware in Win10 in the hidden mode.
+ Removeapps – setting for the last argument. Not required. When you clean up removes Windows 10 application.
/ Win = cleanhost – run the program in stealth mode, and clean the hosts file.
/ Msbox = false – disable pop-up windows while the program.
/ Uac = disable – Disable UAC // if used with / uac = enable, the UAC is enabled.
/ Uac = enable – enable the UAC
/ Removeapps = all- !!! DELETE ALL METRO APPLICATIONS !!!
/ Explorer = default – When you start the Explorer, open the “This computer”

Arguments can be combined.
“C: DestroyWindowsSpyingbinReleaseDestroyWindowsSpying.exe” / win = destroyspy + removeapps / msbox = false
The above will perform the cleanup of spyware, along with remote Windows 10 applications.

!!!!ATTENTION! OPERATION delete all METRO APPLICATIONS irreversibility !!!!!

Changes in version 1.4.3:
* Fix BUGS
+ Full program of action setting.
+ Fully Disable Windows Defender’a
+ Added a utility off the Windows Update
* Now when cleaning up hosts file, the program makes a backup. It is stored in System32 / drivers / etc / hosts.bak
– Removed domains of Skype hosts. YOU ARE USING SKYPE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! ALL YOUR MESSAGES FROM Skype will be at MICROSOFT!
+ Added button surprise (just kidding).
* Added task to disable the Office 2016 espionage

thx to nummerok


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