So sign up on Windows 10 without a password









Since Windows 8 is trying to turn Microsoft users to log on to Windows with a Microsoft account. This also applies to Windows 10. Some functionality of the operating system is available only when you log in with such online account.

The Microsoft account is required to synchronize your settings and preferences between your various Windows devices and ensures that your files are available everywhere via OneDrive. Also to install applications from the Windows Store is sign in with a Microsoft account required.

Use your windows 10 with a Microsoft account, you must sign in each time you boot the PC from sleep mode or retrieves again. On a laptop is just as safe – your files are protected in the event of loss or theft – but on a home computer you’ll find it annoying as possible. In that case you can choose to be automatically logged in, so you have to enter a password.

  • Open the “Run” with the key combination Win + R and type the following command: control userpasswords2
  • This will open a window ‘User Accounts’. Uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” and confirm with “Apply”.
  • In the ‘Auto Login’ you give you twice and you confirm with “OK”.
  • Close the window User accounts with a click on ‘OK’.

From now on you will be automatically logged on to your computer, without having to enter a password. Please note that anyone who has access to your PC can now simply all your programs and files. Do not you think such a nice thought, you let the requirement to enter a password more active.

Local Account

Moreover, it is also still possible to use the Windows 10 with a local account. This can occur during the installation or after.

When the installation wizard prompts to enter your Microsoft account, click “Do not have an account ‘and in the next window, select’ Sign in without a Microsoft account.

Do you have Windows 10 installed with a Microsoft account, you can switch to a local account by navigating to Settings and select it for Accounts. In the window that appears, click “Instead, log on with a local account” and follow the steps to set up a Local Login account.

Do you use a local account, then choose whether you may or may not set a password. You lose some functionality of Windows 10, but it is at the same time http://KMSPICO.ORG

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