So you also get the Windows 10 upgrade icon

Normally, anyone got Windows 7 and 8 upgrade notification to reserve Windows 10 for July 29th. Anyone who has not yet received, it should first run Windows Update to ensure that the report should not be downloaded yet.

Have you downloaded all updates and you still see nothing? You can also force the icon in Windows 7 and 8. First, download the small zip file below. Remove the file from the zip name win10fix_full. Right click on it and choose “Open as administrator” and then open.


When the file is running, press any key twice to get to the main menu. Then press 1 and Enter, so an update check may happen to see that your system is up to date. If so, you have three options to force the Windows 10 Upgrade message.



At our option one worked directly, but try not hesitate to option two or three might not happen immediately.

Keep in mind that you definitely have installed a legal version of Windows. Illegal versions can not access the free update and which should legally online or in-store purchases.

download update.

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