13 tips to make you feel right at home in Windows 10

Windows 8 never took the success of Windows 7. Expectations for Windows 10, however, are so high that Microsoft even skip a version number. Here are 13 tips that will make the leap into the unknown a little more comfortable.

 1. Start menu

After Windows 8 start menu was removed, there was a storm of protest. Windows 10 is thus again the Start menu combined with a Metro screen as in Windows 8, but in menu format. On the left you get the most used programs and hibernation button, shutdown and restart. In the right side of the Start menu contains the tiles for apps to read the news, view photos and listen to music. You can snap the Metro Section on the side to increase or decrease, and when you click the double arrow at  the top right, the home screen is translucent in full screen width.








5. Drag Programs

Working with different desktops you become so accustomed to fast that you would never miss a few days. Suppose you work in desktop 1, and after a few minutes you realize that this window better desktop 3 would fall. Then click on the button “Task View ‘so that you can see the overview of the active desktops will then drag the window you want to move to desktop 3.

6. search

The new search feature delves simultaneously on the Internet and on the hard drive. To filter the results, use the button ‘My Stuff’ and then you will only see the results on the hard disk and in OneDrive. Click on “Web”, you get only the results found on the Internet. The search engine suggestions will be opened in the Bing search app, thus trying to take Microsoft competitor Google wind out of the sails.

7. Aero Snap

In Windows 8 could all application windows ‘magnetic’ stick to the left or the right so that they take up half of the desktop. Aero Snap works in Windows 10, but better. When a window snaps left or right, the other active programs in miniature windows are displayed on the other half of the desktop. To a desktop or laptop a window to the side to ‘get’ you use the keyboard shortcuts’ Win + Left Arrow “or” Win + Right Arrow.


8. Give your opinion

Microsoft Edge was developed as the successor to Internet Explorer in Windows 10. When you open a web suggestion from the central search, which will appear immediately in Edge. Microsoft is obviously very interested in the feedback from its users to refine this browser. When a function of a website is not like working right, you can report this by clicking on the Smiley button.

9. Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is also put in a new guise. Naturally, in the left column still parts “This PC”, “Network” and “OneDrive. At the top you now also find the Quick Access that contains the links to the most frequently used links and locations. You can compare this with the favorites of the past, except that Windows itself folders to the Quick Access adds based on your computer. Folders you use often will appear here automatically, in addition you can also self-pinned folders by clicking ‘Add to Quick Access.Sit there a folder in which you want to remove from the list, then choose from the Right “Remove from Quick Access command.

10. forecasts and weather maps

In the home screen are also some standard tiles which bring live information persistently, like the new weather app. This newcomer looks beautiful. First grant you that the app can find your location and then you see the extended weather forecast the next seven days. Under the tab “Maps” is the detailed information through animated satellite images. And “Historical weather” you get monthly averages and records of locations around the world.


11. Always informed

When you’re on a touch screen inside swipet or when you right down to a normal screen on the tekstballontje button, the menu appears Notifications. Here you can read for example, calendar appointments and security alerts. Moreover, at the bottom of a set of buttons for example, to connect media devices or to work in tablet mode. That tablet mode besides looks also on the desktop very nice.Who has a Windows Phone, will notice that the messages synchronize with all appliances.

12. Calendar and time

If you click on the taskbar at the timestamp you will come to a clear mini calendar and digital clock.Click the top button “Additional Clocks” then opens the panel “Alarms and Clock ‘where you can control how and when you want to be awakened. This is also the place to view world clocks, use the stopwatch, or set the timer.

13. Toolbar

Fans of a minimalist interface get it on their hips Windows 8, but Windows 10 Start menu looks overloaded. Of course you can in the start menu to uninstall the apps to then make the menu smaller so you get pretty close to the form of Windows 7. However, if you still sober than you can make a new start menu toolbar. Right click on the taskbar and choose Toolbars, “” New Toolbar “. In the ‘New Toolbar’ you in ‘Map’ the following path: C: Program Data Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs and click Select Folder. Next you have in your taskbar a new toolbar. Click on the double arrow to use the most minimalist starter.

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