How to force the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Yesterday evening, Microsoft began rolling out his birthday update for Windows 1 0. The update will be rolled out in phases through the Windows Update channel. So basically you yourself have to do anything except wait is offered to the anniversary update on your system.

Who patience not like to the test, the update can also initialize itself. I describe below two ways to do that: to upgrade your existing Windows 10 installation or start from a blank slate with a clean install. In method 1 have already saved your files and settings, Method 2 is deleted everything.

1. Upgrade

To update your system manually, go to this page on Microsoft’s website and click on the button“Update now” . Immediately the Windows 10 upgrade assistant will download. When you started it, you get normally the window below.


Click the “Update Now” to begin the update process. The upgrade wizard will first check for any compatibility issues with your computer and the update will begin then to prepare. That could take a while, but you can minimize the window and in the meantime continue to work.


After the assistant has made all the preparations, click “Restart now” to the PC to complete the update. Please note that it may take a while – up to 90 minutes – and in the meantime you can not use your PC. Do you want just postpone the update, then select “reboot later” .

After restarting your system is updated to the latest version of Windows 10 (version 1607) and you can get started with all the changes that entails the Anniversary Update.

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