Microsoft puts uninvited Windows 10 installation files on your PC

Microsoft has not always been very generous with giving out the Windows 10 installation files. Even users who have not asked for, they can find on their PC.

It was the European technology news site The Inquirer who discovered it first. A reader had made them aware of the fact. He came across his computer on the installation of Windows 10, even though he had no plans to make the changeover.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed the news. “For those who have opted for automatic updates through Windows Update to receive, we have helped machines that qualify for an upgrade done by downloading the files they need as they make the decision,” the company said .

It makes the installation of the operating system actually run much faster, but Microsoft’s behavior may put it mildly be described as a bit pushy. Moreover that helpful gesture also has its disadvantages.It consumes bandwidth while downloading, it can eat up a portion of your monthly data limit, it takes several gigabytes of memory space and the user can apparently do not decide whether he wants the file or not.

Do you feel uncomfortable? Available on the Microsoft website you instructions to block the download of Windows 10.

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