Torrent Provider excludes Windows 10 users

A torrent provider is not set up with the “terrible privacy” of Windows 10, and excludes users of the OS.


Some torrent communities strongly oppose Windows 10.  TorrentFreak reports that the private torrent tracker ITS has banned its members when they run Windows 10 because of the “appalling” privacy of Microsoft’s latest OS. The concerns of ITS are largely based on one rule in Microsoft’s new service agreement:

“We may automatically check the version of the software, which is necessary for providing the services, and download software updates or configuration changes, without cost to charge, to update, expand and further develop the Services, including provisions which hinder you to use the Services, playing pirated games or using unauthorized peripheral devices “(service agreement with Article 7b.)

That passage is by some g eïnterpreteerd like Microsoft continuously scans for the presence of illegal software. Particularly Internet pirate therefore fits better on his count. These kinds of passages are not found so crazy and back at many other large technology companies. It therefore appears to be a storm in a teacup.

However, it proved a bridge too far for ITS. The torrent tracker  now says it is worried or not Microsoft also keeps your hard disk in the eye, and choose eggs for money. All Windows 10 users may no longer on the site and are redirected to the following Youtube video.The privacy

settings of Windows 10 came a few weeks ago already discredited when it was discovered that Windows 10 information is sent to Microsoft, even if you have mentioned do not make this your privacy settings.

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