Try the Slide-to-Shutdown feature in Windows 10 [guide ]

n Windows 8.1, Microsoft added a secret hidden “Slide to shutdown” feature. Windows 10 also comes with this option. Slide To Shutdown provides a fancier user interface to shutdown Windows with a swipe. It was created for PCs and tablets with Connected Standby. Connected Standby is a power management feature similar to what smartphones have. Most Desktop PCs and x86 tablets do not support the Connected Standby sleep state. However, you can use this Slide-to-Shutdown feature regardless. Here’s how.

To see the the Slide to Shutdown feature in Windows 10 in action, do the following:

  • Press Win + R shortcut keys on the keyboard to open the Run dialog. Tip: See the full list of Win key shortcuts.
  • Type the following in the Run box:

Windows-Run-slidetoshutdownYou are done:

The Slide to shutdown feature can be used with the mouse as well, you can drag the overlay down with the mouse pointer.

If you want to have permanent access to the feature, you can create a shortcut or pin the slidetoshutdown.exe file to the Start menu or taskbar.

Navigate using File Explorer into the following folder:


There you will find the slidetoshutdown.exe file. Right click it to pin it to Start or to the taskbar.



Alternatively, you can drag the slidetoshutdown.exe file to Desktop while holding down the Alt key. This will create a shortcut on the Desktop.

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