Widgets on your Windows 10 desktop

Widgets since Windows 8 is no longer a standard part of the operating system, but that does not mean that they are completely gone. With Win10 widgets you can in Windows 10 places a collection of widgets on your desktop.

Win10 Widgets provides as much or as little information as you want. There are widgets available to monitor various aspects of your system, such as overall performance, battery level, available storage capacity, CPU and RAM usage or network and Wi-Fi connections. But you can also drop widgets on your desktop to show, quickly lock the computer or use Spotify again.win10-widgets

The nice thing about Win10 widgets is that the widgets are fully adapted to the design language of Windows 10. They fit perfectly with the rest of the operating system. The widgets even take the accent color on which you have set in your personal settings of the OS.

Win10 widgets using the open source software Rainmeter, which makes it possible to give this kind of widgets on your desktop. The installation that we offer in this article contains both Win10 widgets as Rainmeter. If you Rainmeter have already installed on your computer are, you can here only download the file for Win10 widgets.

The developer of Win10 Widgets indicates on its website that there is currently no system implemented to automatically update the software. To keep informed about new widgets and improvements, so you will occasionally need to take a look at the site .

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